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SoundTap v1.34

SoundTap v1.34 Free Full Downlo

SoundTap v1.34 from Rapidshare, Megauplo, Hotfile  full downlo service called IDA. Downlo anything with more then 2000  Kb/s downloing speed, or Downlo via Torrent Downlo.

SoundTap v1.34

SoundTap lets you record just about any audio that plays through your Windows computer. Simply install this software, turn it on and then all sound played on or through the PC will be recorded as wav or mp3 files. All audio is ?tapped? by a virtual driver directly within the kernel so the process is perfect digital quality.

Typical applications of this streaming audio recorder are:
* Recording streaming audio brocasts (almost all types of streams can be recorded).
* Record VoIP calls on softphones (eg. Skype) or instant messaging audio (eg. Messenger).
* Record internet rio and other online audio or webcasts.
* Record internet music from free sources.
* Converting audio recorded in ?proprietary? audio formats to wav or mp3. As long as you still have the player, you can use SoundTap to save the audio in other formats (eg. mp3).
* As a streaming audio conference recorder.

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